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About me.

Audiobook Storyteller.

My name is Dave and I enjoy bringing books to life with my voice.

I have produced a small library of books on ACX (Audible) and continue to grow my collection. My favourite genres are Romance, Sci-Fi and Mystery/Thrillers. I love reading books. The difference when you narrate them is that you don’t just get to know the characters and the story….. You BECOME them.

My greatest asset is my voice, but I am also a good businessman and work in the Retail Management industry. I respect deadlines just as much as I respect story lines. My goal is for you to be blown away by the Audiobook production of your paperback or hard cover. I want you to be just as excited as the listener when they hear your story or message for the first time. 

Please take a minute to listen to a few of my samples, and reach out to me if you think I might be a good fit as the voice for your story or message.



Here are some of my recent releases

Dystopian Thriller

Sweet Sacrifice

Gay Paranormal Romance

Cuffing Season

Gay Paranormal Romance


Coming Soon

"I love reading books. The difference when you narrate them is that you don't just get to know the characters and the story..... You BECOME them.."


Demos & Clips

Clips from Audiobooks, Podcasts, Auditions & More

Fated - Sample


Ethic - Sample


The Pheonix and the Flames - audition


The north star - audition


Sweet Sacrifice - Audiobook Sample


Cuffing Season - Audiobook Sample



Word on the street is....
Dave made my first audiobook experience perfect. He has spoiled me with his quality and personable demeanor, I don’t want to work with anyone else now... and, of course, his voice is to die for. Perfect for any genre.
Megan Stockton
"Dave Hull is a passionate narrator who pays careful attention to detail, and really works hard to bring a story's characters to life. When working with this narrator, one can expect a brilliant product that's completed in a timely manner."
Michael Rhodes
"Dave nailed it! We worked together on a re-enactment project for the launch of a new podcast. He took on a challenging part and really brought it to life!"
Luke Rowan
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